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Tour Conditions

Paths Less Travelled, Inc.

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: December 2nd, 2022

These Tour Conditions outline the terms and conditions associated with acceptance of a tour with Paths Less Travelled, LLC (“PLT”). Purchase of a tour with PLT automatically and, without any variances, explicitly implies complete agreeance and acceptance of these Tour Conditions unless otherwise expressly stated here within these Tour Conditions. 

Please read carefully and reach out to or 855-553-0165 with any questions/concerns or to let us know if there is anything that we can do to be of additional assistance.

Medical Data/Information

  • Paths Less Travelled (PLT) and the staff of PLT are not medical professionals and do not claim to be so. They are, in no way, responsible for the transmission, storage, review, or interpretation of medical data and request not to receive any medical data.
    PLT will make introductions to the medical professionals at IVF Zlin.
    The medical professionals at IVF Zlin will be solely for receiving, interpreting, and responding to any medical data that is transferred and will, in no way, communicate any personally identifiable information to PLT or PLT staff, except to let us know the time line and blocks required for their proposed fertility plan so that we can possibly integrate an appropriate tour that might compliment said plan.
    • We are aware that donor egg IVF requires 8 days in Czech Republic and we have already outlined at which times throughout the cycle a patient might need to be at the clinic (as our owners have gone through this process at the same clinic).
  • All discussions, recommendations, prescriptions, and general information related to medical care are to be solely discussed between you and the medical professionals at IVF Zlin.
  • Any medical information received by PLT and/or its associates will not be responded to and will be deleted.


  • Acceptance of services with PLT does not, in any way, constitute any guarantee of results. Success rates provided by the medical professionals at IVF Zlin are rates compiled and presented by the clinic.
    PLT has not and does not validate these claims, but our owners were successful in building their family by using the services provided by IVF Zlin and we know them to be highly professional and to provide world class service.


  • PLT and its staff are not responsible for the outcomes of any medical treatment. Each client who accepts services is assumed to desire reproduction assistance. PLT and its staff absolve themselves from any care, treatment, or responsibilities related to the medical care, raising, expenses or any other services that may, in any way, be associated with the care of any children produced by any person(s) referred to PLT or its staff.
    PLT and its staff also absolve themselves from any medical care associated with any pregnancy that may result from fertility tourism services.


  • Lodging, when included, is planned for double occupancy. This is applicable whether you are travelling with a partner/group, or whether you are travelling solo. If you are travelling solo, we will ensure that you will be roomed with someone of the same sex. Paths Less Travelled, Inc (PLT) will not, under any circumstance, pair two people of different sexes who had not met prior to the tour to room together.
    • We do, however, offer single occupancy options where a person has a room to themselves, but this service is only available upon request and is accompanied with an additional fee that varies from tour-to-tour. See tour specifics for more details or reach out to us at or 855-553-0165.
      Please note that single occupancy is just that. It does not provide a better room, nicer room, or bigger room. It simply provides you with a room to yourself.
  • Upgrades in rooms/experiences are available upon request, but may be accompanied with an increased price to account for the upgraded experience.
  • Lodging facilities may not have elevators or air conditioning. If advertised, our tours provide for a driver/bellman to assist with bringing luggage and belongings to your room. This is not included in every tour though.
  • Being centrally located does not always allow for the most quiet of locations so there may be noises outside of the lodging facility that PLT and its affiliates/partners have no control over.


  • PLT tours sometimes provide for a driver and sometimes provide for a driver/bellman or a driver/guide. Some PLT tours are self-guided. .
    • PLT is completely absolved from any responsibilities related to damages, arrests, injuries, or any other liabilities associated with a customer’s decision related to drinking and driving.
  • Recommended luggage sizes are 67cm/26 inches in height and 45cm/18 inches in width or smaller. If you show up with luggage that is larger than this, we may require that you arrange for storage options at our final destination hotel in order to ensure that we are able to accommodate our other guests as well.

Admission to PLT Scheduled Events/Experiences

  • Your enrollment in our PLT tour provides for access to each of the planned sites/events as described in your itinerary at no additional expense to you.
    • We do recommend arriving a day or two earlier if flying from the US to Czech Republic in order to assist with adjustment to the new time zone and ensure that you get the most out of your tour.
  • Our pricing for tours may fluctuate from time-to-time depending upon variables such as fluctuating currencies, seasonal and non-seasonal rates, or additional factors beyond the control of PLT. Your price, however, is guaranteed from the moment that we receive your deposit to secure your tour.
  • Should you or a member of your party decide during our tour that you would prefer not to participate in our scheduled itinerary, you will be provided a location and designated time to meet at a designated location. It will be 100% YOUR responsibility to ensure that you arrive at and are available at such location at the designated time.
    PLT is NOT responsible and will not be held responsible for any costs, outcomes, or liabilities for any activities that are not included in our itinerary, which will be provided to you upon receipt of final payment to secure your trip.
    PLT IS responsible for ensuring timely arrival to planned PLT activities/events for all tour participants and so reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to leave without you should you fail to be at the designated location at the designated time after choosing not to participate in the events that we have designed to be included within our tour.
    This is in the best interest of the group. In such an event, PLT shall not be held liable for any travel, ancillary, or trailing expenses associated with your travel experience from that point forward and no refunds will be made available to you or members of you party.
  • Please remember that we cannot control the weather and will, in all cases, strive to provide the best customer experiences for you and your group. This may require exposure to rain, sun, snow, and/or other outdoor elements. It may also require that we deviate from the previously scheduled event/experience.
  • Our tours include walking through classic old European designed streets and outdoors. They may include walking on uneven surfaces, historic cobblestone streets, unpaved surfaces, up mountains, down stairs to underground cellars/tunnels and the adventures that accompany paths less travelled.
    • If you have mobility challenges or are concerned with the physical requirements associated with any tour, please give us a call at 855-553-0165.

Smoking / Vaping

  • No smoking or vaping is allowed on/in any PLT vehicles, hotels, or near other PLT guests. Local rules and regulations must be followed. If it is found that guests smoked inside of lodging quarters, the guest will be held responsible for all cleaning fees and damages that PLT incurs.

Payment Terms

  • A deposit in the amount of 15% of the total amount to be charged per person is required in order to secure tours.
    • This deposit is refundable for up to 2 business days upon receipt.
      After 5 business days, this deposit is considered to be non-refundable.
      Please see cancellations/refunds section for more details.

Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive a verification e-mail that will both confirm purchase, tour dates, and a tour description.

  • Final payment is due 60 days prior to the tour. Unless otherwise specified, you are granting permission for PLT to charge the remaining balance to the card/account used for securing the trip with the initial deposit. Additional payment methods and options are available as long as the amount due is paid in full within 60 days of the start date of the tour.
    Please contact with any requests for alternative payment methods/plans.
    • If payment is not received within 60 days prior to your tour, PLT reserves the right to cancel/revoke your participation in the tour and will not be held liable for any travel, ancillary or trailing costs associated with your travels.
  • If you sign up for a tour less than 60 days prior to departure, you will be charged the remaining balance of your trip within 48 business hours and all transactions will be considered non-refundable.


  • Once a deposit is received, you will have up to 5 business days to make cancellation to your trip and receive full refund with no questions asked. If we do not receive any notification from you

within those 5 business days then your deposit will be considered to be non-refundable. Once your deposit refund date has passed, your deposit will not be refunded under any circumstance.

  • Once final payment is received, you will have up to 2 business days to make cancellation to your trip and receive full refund less deposit with no questions asked. If we do not receive any notification from you within those 2 business days then your final payment will be considered to be non-refundable, but may be creditable in the event of family or medical emergency.
  • If you book a tour within 60 days of the tour departure, your payment is considered to be non-refundable after 2 business days, but may be creditable in the event of family or medical emergency.
  • A creditable event must occur with 60 days prior to your tour start date. PLT reserves the sole right to determine whether or not an event is creditable. For these purposes, we consider your travelling partner to be someone who shares accommodations with you. Family members are considered to be a spouse, stepchild, or blood relative in the 1st
    If you would like to request a credit, you will need to start by sending an e-mail to that includes “Credit Request” in the title and your name with the start date of the tour in the body of the e-mail. You may be required to provide documented proof of your creditable event.
    If you have credit insurance, you will first have to file a claim with your credit insurance company before contacting PLT with your request.
    PLT will only process a claim for a credit request once a claim has been filed with your insurance provider and you can document proof of a final payment or settlement.

    Recognized creditable medical/family emergencies are limited to the following:

  • You, your, travel partner, or family member dies or suffers unexpected and disabling injury or illnesses requiring hospitalization or urgent medical care prior to joining the tour.
    • You will be required to provide physician’s letter on a physician’s letterhead verifying the specific reason and date of the onset of the condition for advice against travelling.
    • In the event of death, we will require a death certificate or obitiuary.
  • You, your travel partner, or family member suffers a certifiable personal disaster (home flood, burning down, or you being a victim of serious crimes necessitating a change in travel plans).
    • You will be required to provide a copy of pertinent police, fire, or investigative report.
  • You or our spouse are called into active military service or have leave revoked.


  • Up to 60 days prior to your tour departure, your tour is full transferrable to another person/party or tour date (that has availability) with no additional fees, costs, etc. Simply reach out to us at to notify us of your desired transfer. Please be sure to include your name and the start date of your reserved tour.
    Tours, however, become nontransferable 60 days prior to tour departure.

Tour Forms, Obligations, & Risks

  • To travel on a tour, and to qualify for cancellation credit, all tour members are required to review and accept a Release & Waiver Agreement prior to the beginning of a tour. Omitting important information, or altering the Release & Waiver Agreement, will render it invalid, and could result in expulsion from a tour at your own expense.


  • It is our sincere desire to show the great wonders that our tours bring, but occasionally people act without regard to others or without considering the consequences of their actions. Our mission is to provide a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for all. Therefor, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to expel such a person from our trip at their expense in order to protect the experience of others in attendance as well as those small businesses in Czech Republic that we are proud to bring you to.
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