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Our founders struggled to have children for many years.  Miscarriage after miscarriage eventually pinnacled with a molar pregnancy and the choice between a hysterectomy or chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy was chosen for once more chance at having children…

After several months of chemo and a year of waiting, they looked into donor egg IVF and were left speechless as to how impersonal and expensive it seemed.

They were provided a link with biographies and photos of potential “anonymous” donors as well as a quote for roughly $25,000.

Between the sticker shock and the thought of one day unexpectedly seeing/meeting the “anonymous” donor, they started looking for options and remembered talking with a gentleman who mentioned fertility treatment in Czech Republic years prior.

With a price of 5,200 € and being just an hour away from where future mommy was from, it just made sense!!!

They were later blessed with (3) beautiful children and many amazing memories in the making.

It was just a year later that they founded/created Paths Less Travelled, LLC and reached back to the clinic that helped them to see if they could integrate Fertility Tourism throughout BEAUTIFUL Czech Republic and the rest is history in the making.

Let us help share what we found to be a better way and start a new chapter in your life/lives by contacting us so that we can introduce you to the clinic where it all began and provide a user code that will grant a 5% discount on any fertility services selected with them.

Should you choose to proceed with fertility treatment, they’ll put us back in touch and we’ll work on co-crafting a travel itinerary fully designed to compliment your treatment plan if so desired.



Why Consider Fertility Treatment In Czech Republic
Affordability and Quality of Care! Czech Republic has earned a reputation as an inexpensive destination boasting a state-of-the-art healthcare sector. While the average cost of donor egg IVF in the US, including medication, is about $25,000, the cost of donor egg IVF in Zlin, Czech Republic offers savings of approximately $20,000. This substantial savings is not at the expense of quality either! Services provided through our preferred fertility clinic in Zlin, Czech Republic provide a more personable and empathetic experience while utilizing the most advanced technologies in fertility treatment, preserving the highest levels of confidentiality, and also allowing for the opportunity to explore the BEAUTIFUL country of Czech Republic!