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How it works

  1. Contact Us and let us know that you’re interested in being introduced to our partnered medical professionals in BEAUTIFUL Czech Republic
  2. You’ll be introduced to an English-speaking Fertility Coordinator and Director of US Relations in IVF Zlin
  3. The experienced medical professionals at IVF Zlin will reach out to you, start a dialogue, ask about your medical history*, and qualify whether or not you are viable candidates for fertility treatment. If you are, they will propose a suggested and prescribed fertility treatment for you and your partner.
  4. Should you decide to proceed with services with the medical professionals at IVF Zlin, the clinic will respond to our initial introductory e-mail with confirmed dates of treatment and also direct you to our website so that we might begin custom crafting to you and your partner’s needs.
  5. Once a package has been selected with Paths Less Travelled, you will receive a user code that will provide for a 5% reduction in costs for fertility treatment with IVF Zlin.

Service Options

Please Click On The Desired Service Level Below To Secure Your Travel Package With Paths Less Travelled & Secure Your 5% Discount on Fertility Treatment Services Through IVF Zlin.

Chauffeur Services

Yes, you read that right!
Our “Chauffeur Services” package provides for all of the material outlined in the self-guided tours package while also arranging for chauffeur services to and from the airport and fertility clinic.
Clicking the link below will provide for an option for you to select the airport that you will be landing at as well as to provide relevant information related to your stay so that we can plan accomodations.

This can also be modified to include other travel arrangements upon request.

Self-Guided Tours

Congratulations, you’ve been introduced to and have decided to move forward with a fertility treatment plan with IVF Zlin!

We are incredibly excited for you!
You will, however, be in Czech Republic for a period of time and might be looking for ideas and guidance to make the most of your time there.

This package is to provide tips, tricks, sites and experiences that we believe to be “must dos” while visiting BEAUTIFUL Czech Republic.


Self-Guided Plus

This package is for those who want to see and do more while receiving fertility treatment services through IVF Zlin in BEAUTIFUL Czech Republic, but don’t want a guide or translator.
It provides for a custom crafted itinerary accounting for associated logistics, assistance with booking lodging, as well as coordination of transportation and events designed to complement your fertility treatment schedule.

It does not, however, include or provide for food, beverage, guide, translator, chauffeur, costs of transportation, or costs associated with access to events.

Fertility Vacation

Once you contact us, we’ll make introductions to your English speaking “Fertility Coordinator” and “Director of “US Relations” in IVF Zlin.

After an initial conversation with them, they will review your medical history and suggest what they believe to be the most effective option for you and your partner.

Should you decide to proceed with the option that IVF Zlin suggests and once you have coordinated dates, they will reintroduce us and let us know your minimum stay for treatment.

Once we have the dates, we’ll reach out and create a dialogue in which we custom craft the vacation of your dreams to integrate with your fertility treatment.

Tours are fully comprehensive (inclusive of lodging, custom itinerary development, transportation to and from all PLT experiences, a driver/guide/translator, and so much more…).

Mainly, you let us pamper you while providing outstanding experiences designed to compliment your fertility treatment plan while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience!

* Please note that Paths Less Travelled, LLC is not responsible for and does not want to be included in the transference of medical information.  We are not medical professionals, do not want to be or claim to be so.  We do not wish to be included and request that you do not include us on any e-mails related to medical history, treatment, or any personal medical data in general.  We completely absolve ourselves from any responsibilities and liabilities associated with sending and/or receiving medical information.  Please note that our tours are arranged to coordinate with a minimum stay of 8 days for donor egg IVF and 21 days for IVF utilizing a person’s own oocytes.  Our itineraries account for generic timelines for treatment for each of the (2) treatment plans previously listed above, but leave flexibility for variances based upon individual needs.

** Please note that Paths Less Travelled, LLC is also able to provide transportation and/or a guide/translator at an additional charge.


Why Consider Fertility Treatment In Czech Republic
Affordability and Quality of Care! Czech Republic has earned a reputation as an inexpensive destination boasting a state-of-the-art healthcare sector. While the average cost of donor egg IVF in the US, including medication, is about $25,000, the cost of donor egg IVF in Zlin, Czech Republic offers savings of approximately $20,000. This substantial savings is not at the expense of quality either! Services provided through our preferred fertility clinic in Zlin, Czech Republic provide a more personable and empathetic experience while utilizing the most advanced technologies in fertility treatment, preserving the highest levels of confidentiality, and also allowing for the opportunity to explore the BEAUTIFUL country of Czech Republic!