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Why Consider Fertility Treatment In Czech Republic
Affordability and Quality of Care! Czech Republic has earned a reputation as an inexpensive destination boasting a state-of-the-art healthcare sector. While the average cost of donor egg IVF in the US, including medication, is about $25,000, the cost of donor egg IVF in Zlin, Czech Republic offers savings of approximately $20,000. This substantial savings is not at the expense of quality either! Services provided through our preferred fertility clinic in Zlin, Czech Republic provide a more personable and empathetic experience while utilizing the most advanced technologies in fertility treatment, preserving the highest levels of confidentiality, and also allowing for the opportunity to explore the BEAUTIFUL country of Czech Republic!
Family Owned and Authentic

Infertility is a deeply personal & sometimes sensitive subject for couples to experience together.

The fertility treatment process here in the United States can sometimes leave couples feeling detached, depressed, & even dehumanized.

Our founders know that because they went through this process and that is exactly how they felt…
That is why we are incredibly excited to be able share our experiences with fertility tourism outside of the United States in BEAUTIFUL Czech Republic; from our family to yours!

We’ve partnered with the largest family owned & operated private fertility clinic in the Czech Republic (the same one that helped our founders start a family of their own) to help expand access to a better way.

The experience was night and day & the results speak for themselves!

Family Owned and Authentic